Hear from our teachers to find out more about life at Ark Priory Primary Academy

Maria Georgaki, Y4 teacher and KS2 English Lead
"Arriving in Ark Priory from a mainstream Ealing primary, I was excited to join Ark Priory but had never worked for an Ark school before. During my first year, I adapted my teaching practice to match the rigor and ambition of teaching in an Ark school and a little over a year later, I am confident to use programs of study like ‘Maths Mastery’ and ‘Ark Curriculum Plus’ as the foundations of my teaching. I can see why ambitious and determined teachers choose to make Ark Priory Academy their professional home, in the same way that the school attracts ambitious students. In Priory, the atmosphere is relaxed but purposeful. Children are excited to learn, to endeavour and to experiment. Our students embrace a culture of effort and an attitude of learning from mistakes. They know what success looks like because they are explicitly shown examples of it – many times a day and often in their own work. They develop resilience and ‘the courage to fly’.  

Similarly, as a teacher I was encouraged to develop my practice and take on challenges. I am delighted to have recently advanced to middle leadership responsibilities, but I am not unique. Most of Priory staff experience quick progression and that is a testament to the commitment of my colleagues and the trust that the management shows in us. I feel fully supported to fulfil both my class teacher and leadership roles, not least because being in Priory means access to Ark’s rigorous and multi-faceted professional development training. I have found Ark training particularly useful in my teaching practice, allowing me to swiftly establish classroom relationships, strategies and routines that ensure the efficacy of our work. Evidence of our school community’s strength was how we fared during the lockdown of Spring 2020. Back in school, our community continues to flourish while enjoying a convivial school life."


Felicity Mason, Y2 Teacher and PE Lead
"I started working at Ark Priory in 2016 in my first year of teaching and have loved it since. There is a sense of community amongst both the staff, parents and children allowing me to feel supported and able to enjoy teaching. Staff are always looking for new ways to inject fun and excitement into both the children’s, and our own days, which makes each week a new adventure. The children at Ark Priory are eager to learn and have a high sense of ambition which reflects through our curriculum which provides a range of opportunities to excel in a multitude of different areas."