At ARK Priory Primary Academy we foster a culture of high expectations and academic achievement and our uniform is an extension of this.

*All uniform items marked with the ARK Priory Primary Academy Logo are available from the school supplier.


Our uniform policy reinforces our academy culture of high expectations and academic achievement. We expect age-appropriate dress and focus on teaching and modelling school appropriate attire, ensuring pupils know the difference between suitable attire for different settings: school, places of worship, work, holidays and weekends. The uniform policy is effective throughout the school year.

All pupils must dress according to the uniform policy. This is a very important part of our ethos and culture.

  • Uniform unites us as a community. We learn, practise, play and succeed together. All pupils make a commitment when they put on their Ark Priory uniform, that they will abide by the rules of the academy community.
  • Uniform reduces distractions. We are focused on our learning, the basics being reading, writing, mathematics and citizenship.
  • Uniform makes us all equal. The children all have the same appearance. No one has to feel awkward about the clothes they have or do not have.
  • Our uniform gives us all an identity to be proud to be a part of.
  • Uniforms are professional. Pupils look smart, neat and ready to learn.


Academy Uniform Supplier

Khalsa Schoolwear

388-390 Bethnal Green Road

E2 0AH

Tel. No: 0207 729 3286


Ark Priory Uniform

Autumn/Spring term

Summer term**

  • Plain coat - black, grey, or navy
  • Priory Grey Blazer*** with Priory logo*
  • Priory blue jumper/cardigan with red/gold trim and Priory logo*
  • White collared shirt


  • Priory blue school tie with gold and red stripe*
  • Charcoal grey trousers (with grey or black socks)


  • Charcoal grey pinafore, pleated skirt, or culottes (with grey or white socks, or grey tights).
  • Black shoes (not trainers)


Academy coloured (blue, red, gold) or grey/black hair accessories

Grey or navy hijab headscarf

Priory blue logo hat and scarf*

  • Priory White polo shirt with Priory logo*


  • White collared shirt (short sleeve)


  • Priory blue school tie with gold and red stripe*

  • Charcoal grey shorts (with grey or black socks)


  • Charcoal grey pleated skirt/skorts/culottes (with grey or white socks)


  • Yellow and white gingham dress (either skirt or culotte style are acceptable)

(with white socks)

  • Black shoes (not trainers)


Academy coloured (blue, red, gold) or grey/black hair accessories

Grey or navy hijab headscarf




P.E. Kit

  • Priory blue tracksuit (sweatshirt and jogging bottoms) with Priory logo*
  • Priory red T-shirt with Priory logo*
  • Priory blue P.E. shorts*
  • Black plimsolls or plain black trainers (no obvious brand logos)
  • White socks

Priory blue P.E. bag with Priory logo*


Swimming Kit

  • Plain blue swimming trunks or costume
  • Plain coloured swimming cap (available from Everyone Active)

Sundry Items

  • Priory blue bookbag with Priory logo*
  • OR

    Priory blue backpack with Priory logo*


*All uniform items marked with the Ark Priory Primary Academy logo are available from the school supplier.

**We suggest summer uniform is worn from after the May/June half term holiday. It can be optionally worn if there is exceptionally hot weather after the Easter holiday or in September.

*** Priory Blazers are not required for Priory Nursery and are optional for Early Years and Key Stage 1 (Reception, Year 1 and Year 2). They are mandatory for Key Stage 2 (Years 3-6), and we suggest that they should be worn to school as outerwear over uniform in the warmer weather and should be worn in school to all formal assemblies and worn on all outings and occasions where pupils are representing the school.

**** Priory Nursery children wear the P.E. kit or the yellow gingham dress option in the summer - full winter uniform is not required for Nursery children.

***** Swimming kit is only required in the term that your child’s class swims, you will be advised at the start of each school year when this will be.

Items in italics are optional

All pupils are expected to wear a uniform every school day, Monday to Friday. Once a pupil walks onto the academy grounds, he/she should be wearing the appropriate uniform clothing and shoes. Shirts should be tucked in. When a pupil is in school, these expectations apply unless he/she must change clothing for a specific activity e.g., PE and games. This change of clothing should also be appropriate attire. Upon returning to classroom teaching, they must again wear full uniform. Shoes must be worn at all times, except in specified classes.

Black TRAINERS are NOT allowed as school shoes.


Violations to Uniform Expectations

If pupils are not dressed in the appropriate uniform, parents will be contacted and asked to bring a uniform by the end of that day. In certain cases we may agree to loan an item of clothing to pupils, but this will be at the discretion of the Heateacher. Pupils who repeatedly do not wear their uniform in the expected manner during the school day may receive a sanction.

Parents of pupils who repeatedly violate the uniform policy will receive a letter indicating consistent disregard of uniform policy with specific consequences.

We ask parents to support all decisions by academy staff regarding whether or not clothing is appropriate or inappropriate for school.


Labelling Uniform



The academy is not liable for the replacement of any items of clothing or equipment and it is the responsibility of the child to ensure that they are organised and careful with their possessions. These are essential life skills and should be supported and developed alongside the Academy.

For reasons of health and safety, we ask that your child comes to school in sensible school shoes and that jewellery is limited to:

• One wristwatch

If a child is wearing more jewellery than this they will be asked to remove it and it will be returned at the end of the academy day. The academy cannot accept liability for the loss of jewellery.


Hair Styles

Please ensure that hair accessories are in school colours: royal blue, red, gold, grey or black. Hair bands should be plain, with no adornments and also in academy colours.

Children’s hair must be worn in an appropriate style with no extreme styling or designs, for example Mohicans, lines, shapes or patterns. Long hair must be tied back with hair accessories which are in accordance with the uniform policy


Uniform Dos and Don’ts

  • Plain grey or black Hijab for girls
  • No jewellery or make-up to be worn by any pupil, with the exception of a wristwatch.
  • Hair must be worn in an appropriate style with no extreme styling or designs of hair or eyebrows; e.g. lines/intricate patterns
  • No coloured hair extensions/braids or other types of extravagant hair. Only natural hair colour is permitted and no false nails or coloured nail varnish is allowed.
  • Hooded sweatshirts and cardigans are not permitted.
  • During the winter months a plain black woollen hat and scarf, with no markings or logos, may be worn. All outdoor clothing must be removed on entering the building. Shirts and ties should be worn appropriately, i.e. shirts must be tucked in and top buttons done up; ties must be worn at the correct length.
  • Girls should wear trousers OR a skirt, NOT BOTH. Girls are not permitted to wear leggings underneath skirts
  • PLEASE TAKE CARE WHEN WASHING – NO FABRIC CONDITIONERS or TUMBLE DRYING. This will ensure that the uniform looks smart and will last the child until they grow out of it.

*Please note if your child fails to wear the correct uniform including full PE kit they will be liable to lose their privileges*


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