We are pleased to annouce that we are finalists for the Rolls Royce Science Prize. We have been selected from over 2000 entries to be one of six finalists. We are excited to offer more details of how this will effect the school, children, staff and parents.

Our aims

This project is designed to improve the STEM capital for our children.
The first part is focussing on developing our STEM capital in our school by using practical science and promoting scientific thinking skills. We do this by having a practical curriculum. This award will help us develop this with the support of purchasing resources while also offering our students a rich and wide variety of entry points to learning about Science. This is not just though lessons but also our enrichment of taking trips, bringing in STEM ambassadors, bringing in experts into school, providing books and resources that children can develop their own learning and follow their interests. The award will allow us to do this. We also want to support every teacher with on-going CPD to ensure we have the best possible practice in school. Finally we want to focus on our links with parents. We can do this through surveys, parent forums, parent workshops, parent drop-ins on our STEM days, regular communication, home learning and our STEM fair. We will review if this develops Science at home.
The second part is to support other Ark schools in West London. I will be running regular training to the Science or STEM leads. This will then be sustainable and will influence the school as a whole by providing the skills and knowledge to the STEM or Science leads. We will also work together on best practice. We will have a focus on supporting each other to ensure a practical curriculum is offerent through scientific enquiry and exploration. We will also support the other schools on developing their subject knowledge and professional development through support for fundraising, training opportunities and working with external providers or charities. They key to this second part is raising aspirations on how to provide science through the practical application in lessons and to ensure sustainability for long term improvement after the year with Rolls Royce.

Success Criteria

Specific- We are clear with our outcomes, to raise STEM capital for our children. We will ensure this focus by regular communication with all those involved. We will use surveys specific to evaluating our outcome. We will also have this as a clear plan on our school development plan.
Measurable- There are multiple ways of measuring this. We will continue with class observations during STEM lessons to ensure our resources are being used for practical, contextual and engaging purposes. We will also use our trips to inform further cross curricular writing. This can be moderated to see the impact of the learning from trips to other subjects and the student’s world view following what they have seen or experienced. We will also use surveys to measure the impact with parents and teachers. This feedback from parents will inform our approach to the workshops. We will also work with one student per year group as a case study to observe qualitatively any change in understanding on how science affects them and also any change to what they are doing at home in terms of Science.
Achievable- We have a clear timeline, an excellent group of people in our team and support from Rolls Royce.
Relevant- This is key for our children. It has the opportunity to make lasting impactful change. The timeline is as per above in our calendar of events  

Timeline- This will be completed within the year however all work will be sustainable and manageable to impact future years.

For updated information please see our learning blog