Music at Ark Priory Primary Academy

Our vision for music

“At Ark Priory, music is a core part of our school life. We believe that music enriches our school community, raises aspirations and leads to academic success.  Every child in our school has access to opportunities for high-quality musical learning both within and beyond the curriculum. Beginning with singing at the earliest stages this quickly broadens to include instrumental learning in Year 1. Each class receives a minimum of 60 minutes of music per week through a variety of specialist and teacher led programmes. Pupils who demonstrate particular promise are invited to join our peripatetic programme which currently offers violin, cello and double bass. All children are welcomed to enrich their learning trough access to musical clubs while regular performance opportunities ensure we celebrate their achievements.”

The Curriculum

We believe that singing is the foundation on which children build a lifelong enjoyment of music. Our pupils enjoy song-based curriculum from reception onwards. They start learning to play musical instruments during Key Stage 2: they play with djembe or samba in years 3 and 4, and ukulele in years 5 and 6.

Our Strands of Learning

In order to ensure our music curriculum has the greatest possible reach we have developed the following strands of learning;

1. Music in the core curriculum: Song-based Learning

2. Every child a musician: Whole class instrumental learning

3. Inspiring Excellence: Opportunities for our keenest musicians to deepen their learning

4. Enrichment: Developing musicianship outside of the classroom

5. A community of Musicians: Whole-school singing celebrations

6. Performance and showcasing: Sharing our learning.

7. Building our aspirations: Visits and trips

8. Empowering our team: Continuing Professional Development for Every Teacher

These strands provide a strong and systemic delivery of an outstanding music provision for all children which allows them to build strong musical roots and develop skills in percussion and pitch, sight reading, composing, creating and performing.