During the year, there will be opportunities to come into the academy on a more formal basis to discuss your child’s progress and to consider how we can all support their continued learning.

However, parents/carers are always welcome to have informal meetings with their child’s teacher, at a mutually convenient time, or to arrange a more formal meeting if needed.

Written Reports

Twice yearly, reports on individual children will be sent out at the end of the Autumn and Summer terms. These reports will outline the progress that your child has made, together with individual targets for further improvement. There will be an opportunity for all parents/carers to comment on the report at the parent/carer consultations. Dates for these consultations will be published in the school newsletter.

In addition to this the academy will hold open days and parent surgeries on a half termly basis for you to observe in class progress, teaching and routines as well as playing an active role in the development of the academy.