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What is APPAA?

APPAA is ARK Priory's Parent Association, run by the school's parents and carers to raise funds, hold events, and bring our academy community together. As a parent of a child at Ark Priory (including the nursery classes), you are automatically a member of the association, and we look forward to getting to know you over the coming year(s).

What does APPAA ‘do’?

Ark Priory is a state-funded school, but the school is committed to giving our children the kind of education, rich in music, arts, sports and external visits, which a state budget does not always allow for. In this academic year alone, APPAA and have raised over £20,000 of additional funds which have allowed our children to have experiences they would not otherwise have had. For example, we have contributed towards astroturfing the MUGA area, PE and games equipment, iPads, wet weather suits for EYFS, musical instruments, Art Week, educational Lego and robotics, and the crucial ongoing supplementation costs of trips and educational visits.

We hold a number of events each year, big and small, for the children and for our parents/carers. For example, annual Christmas, Spring and Summer fairs; a ‘bingo’ night, a new parents’ ‘meet and greet’ event, a quiz night, and a great many bake sales, to name but a few. Not only do we aim to raise much-needed funds for our school, to enrich our children’s education further, but also to foster community. To that end, some events are simply social, intended wholly for parents, governors and staff to mingle in an informal setting.

How can you get involved?

There are lots of ways to be involved with APPAA, small or large! From simply attending the social and community events, to baking a cake for our monthly ‘bake offs’, organising an event, fund raising, or becoming a member of our APPAA committee. Hopefully you’ll want to be an active part of our community!

What does the APPAA committee do?

The committee (with representatives from each school year), as well as the administration team (combined chair and secretarial role) and treasury team are here to oversee the organising of fundraising and social events, encourage greater communication between parents and carers and the school,  support other parents by sharing helping information about school life, or passing on experiences. As a new parent, the experience can be quite daunting and it can be helpful to have someone ‘on the ground’ to talk to.

We also pass on/share relevant information between parents on our email ‘noticeboard’, for example information about nanny shares or lost uniform information, and facilitate communication amongst parents in each year group by maintaining a 'WhatsApp' group per year group that all parents are invited to join. We submit a piece for the weekly school newsletter with our latest news and events.

We have open committee meetings every half term, and our AGM (the event at which any new members of the committee can volunteer), is held in October.

Get in touch!

If you would like to receive APPAA newsletters or have any comments or questions please email us directly at

Please check the Noticeboard for our upcoming events.