Year 1 Autumn term update - by Julia and Lukas

Thursday 14 January 2016

We hope you enjoy our Year 1 update written by some of our children.

For our last full week of term we decided to incorporate many different subjects and life skills into one project. Our project was to create a product to sell at the Christmas Fair. We used Mondrian for the design as he was the Artist we were focusing on and we used our budgeting skills to make sure we were making a profit. We also wrote our own child friendly recipe using imperative verbs. We researched lots  to make sure our flapjacks looked and tasted great but for a good price!  The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and were very proud of the outcome. Two children have written a recount of the week below.

We are going to tell you how to make yummy Mondrian flapjacks. First we watched Miss Vince make flapjacks. She used syrup, sugar, butter, raisins and apricots. Then we wrote our own recipe and highlighted our ingredients and utensils. We looked up the ingredients on Morrisons’ website to see how much they cost. We looked for the cheapest ones. We worked out how much money we needed. After that we made lovely small Mondrian portraits on a computer. Lastly we made our flapjacks and decorated them with a beautiful Mondrian picture. We had to sell our flapjacks at the Christmas fair for a profit which means you sell the flapjacks for more money than you used.

By Julia in Pankhurst class and Lukas in Seacole class.