World Book Day

Thursday 05 March 2015

What an exciting time we have had at Ark Priory today, celebrating World Book Day. Pupils and staff dressed up as their favourite book characters and the day started with everyone announcing who they were and from which book.  There were some truly inspiring costumes throughout the academy and animated talk amongst the pupils when they were exploring new books to read and enjoy.  There were also a variety of afternoon activities within the classrooms.

Miss Steele, Headteacher led the way by spending the day dressed as The Rainbow Fish and pupils endeavoured to spot Mr Martlew, Assistant Headteacher who was in disguise dressed as Fantastic Mr Fox.

We concluded the day by hosting a visit from Nick Gibb, the Minister of State for School Reform in his role as a government Minister.  Mr Gibb had spent the day visiting 4 other schools across the London boroughs and was extremely impressed by the behaviour and standard of reading, writing and maths which he observed at Ark Priory.  Mr Gibb admired the standard of knowledge of our pupils for their age and also the level of work on display which he witnessed during his tour with Miss Steele.  Mr Gibb visited Year 1 at the end of his visit and asked a range of questions which included the name of the Prime Minister and also members of the royal family.  Our Year 1 pupils excelled in answering all the questions with the correct answers.

Ark Priory certainly had the Courage to Fly today.