Reception Half Term Update

Tuesday 20 October 2015


Learning is Fun!

So far in Reception we have had lots of fun learning! We have been on our first school trip to Morrison’s where we brought food for our Tiger’s Tea Party.  We made our own jam sandwiches and even had a surprise visit from a tiger! It was lovely that so many of our friends and family joined us.

 In maths we have been exploring writing, adding and subtracting with numbers up to 5. We are looking forward to expanding upon this knowledge with numbers up to 10. We have also been exploring symmetry by creating fantastic self- portraits, you can see some of these portraits on display in the foyer.

In Literacy we have enjoyed reading books including The Tiger Who Came To Tea, So Much and Mr Big. We are learning how to use our Fred fingers to help us with our writing and we are really endeavouring to form letters correctly.

When we read an African Princess both Shackleton class and Columbus class created their own African mandalas using lentils, pasta and coloured sand.  This helped us learn about a different culture, developed our fine motor skills and explore different textures.