A new year at ARK Priory Primary Academy

Monday 08 September 2014

A new year dawns for ARK Priory Primary Academy, our inaugural year group moves upstairs into the heady heights of Year One and Shackleton and Columbus classes are full of bright eyed new faces in Reception. These are not the only bright new eyes at the academy however; we welcome a collection of new staff to the academy. In year one Miss Vince and Miss Vaughn will be endeavouring alongside Pankhurst class with Miss Cok, Miss Tanska and Miss Jakubowska in Seacole class reaching for excellence.

In Shackleton Miss Rabbani and Miss Bulexa will be ensuring the spirit of exploration is strong whilst Miss Maule is joined by Miss Sandhu and Miss DaSilva in Columbus ready for adventure! We are also joined By Ms O'Hara in the office who will be ensuring that all is running smoothly in conjunction with Mrs Martin.

A new era for ARK Priory beckons with each new year being an adventure as we grow and embrace new children into the academy, building our community with staff, children and parents all focused on the values that make ARK Priory a successful and happy learning environment.