Author Piers Torday visits Y4

Friday 31 January 2020

Year 4 have had a visitor this week : the great author Piers Torday! He shared with the children his thoughts on reading and writing. To him, a story is like a skeleton. When you're reading, it's as if you were taking an X-ray of this skeleton, discovering every little bone making it, uncovering all the little details hidden by an author in his book. Piers Torday said, "The ability to believe in things that don't exist is the most important thing we share." He added, "The magic with writing a story is that, if you want your pets to stand up and talk, then, in a story, that can be. If you want that, in a park, at night, a witch comes and turns you into stone, then, in a story, that can be." All children were immensely enthused by this visit and are now ready to use all the tips he has given them to write fantastic stories! We should not forget: imagination does not come by looking at a screen, but by sitting calmly and looking through a window!