Ark Priory Primary Academy is committed to healthy eating and we expect all pupils to eat a hot school lunch which is prepared on site everyday by our in-house chef and catering team. All meals are low in sugar, fat and salt and are rotated on a three weekly basis. All meat and fish are halal.  A vegetarian choice is always provided and we can usually cater to special dietary needs. Packed lunches are only allowed for medical reasons (accompanied by a doctor's recommendation).

Family dining is an important part of our day when we all sit down together, serve our friends and helpers and enjoy a healthy and tasty lunch. This is intended as a civilised dining experience where children will learn the value of healthy and tasty meals amongst fellow scholars and will encouragethem to practise their table manners and polite conversation.

We have also introduced a lunchtime reward system to encourage and reward good eating, behaviour and manners during lunchtime. Children are nominated by fellow pupils to acknowledge good manners or conversation, kindness, have tried a food they previously were reluctant to, finished a whole portion, kept their table tidy or encouraged a friend. Each week 14 children who have been nominated by fellow pupils are formally invited to have lunch with Mr Martlew the following week at the top table. The names are announced in the whole school Celebration of Achievement Assembly and in the Newsletter. Children receive a written invitation from Mr Martlew and as part of their treat the table is specially set and they receive a cookie and juice.


 Current Menu

winter 2019 week 1 - Updated.pdf

winter 2019 week 2 - Updated.pdf

winter 2019 week 3.pdf


Food and Nutrition Standards

We are continuously striving to provide the best lunches we can for the children at Ark Priory Primary Academy and take our advice from The Independent School Food Plan who are the body recommended by the government to advise schools on heathy eating. Do visit their website for more information. Alternatively, the guidelines we follow can be downloaded here. A hard copy of this document can be obtained from the Kitchen Manager.

Cool Milk

If you would like to register your child for Cool Milk, please see the below PDF: School-Milk-Registration-Form.pdf​​​​​​​