Hind Rokhsi

"It took me some time, research and analysis to choose Ark Priory Primary Academy from the list of nursery/primary schools at Ealing website. I looked at Ofsted reports, performance data, governors and staff/teaching staff experience. APPA ticked all the boxes for me. I knew my child would be in safe hands in terms of getting the best education and also would be looked after at a very exceptional level. I was completely right and I felt very satisfied with her school teachers, as well as the values thought to her. She learned many things and was very keen to go to her nursery. Children are treated with utmost love and respect. As a parent you get a detailed timetable of what your child will learn during the term. They emphasis the Montessori approach and learning through playing. Also you get daily feedback about the child day/behaviour. I cannot thank the nursery teaching staff enough for all the effort made to keep our children safe, happy and keen learners. "


Francita Alexander

“I met other mums in Acton park that have older children currently attending Ark priory. They said the school was excellent so I looked into it myself and was happy with the information that I found.”


Marius Eriksen and Xiaoqin Zhhu

“We chose Ark Priory for our daughter’s nursery due to the great reviews we had heard first hand from other parents at the school. In addition the school is relatively new with a modern look and lots of tools available for the children. Our daughter settled in very quickly due to the friendliness and professionalism of the nursery teachers. We feel the nursery has been a fantastic preparation for her primary school start the following year. She’s confident in her learning and improved on her social skills. If you are considering a nursery for your child look no further than Ark Priory!”


Laura Brown

“I chose the nursery at Ark Priory because it was a warm and nurturing environment prioritising the children and their needs and promoting learning in a fun and engaging way while still ensuring they were challenged and ready for reception. My children have loved their experience of the nursery and it has prepared them for the rest of their primary school journey.”