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KS1 Reading Question Prompts for Assessment Focuses.pdf
KS2 Reading Question Prompts for Assessment Focuses.pdf
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Kung Fu Punctuation:

At Ark Priory, we use Kung Fu Punctuation to help embed using punctuation accurately and effectively. Each piece of punctuation has a specific action and sound.

(Video coming soon)

Colourful Semantics:

Colourful Semantics is a teaching resource used to help build and support children’s sentence structure. Each picture prompt relates to a different part of a sentence.

(Documents for this are attached – smaller sentence strips doc, prompt strip for talking doc)


We expose the children to high-quality texts and the continuous style of our reading programmes enables key skills and techniques to be embedded. There are a list of key texts used for teaching during the year and questions, broken down into year groups, for you to use when reading with your child.