Introduction to our curriculum

Ark Priory Primary Academy’s mission: ‘To begin the journey to provide every pupil with the opportunity to go on to a university or pursue the career of their choice.’ This is the fundamental principle that underpins the design, implementation and ongoing review of the Priory curriculum. It is at the very core of our ‘why’ and defines us as a school.

The Ark Priory Curriculum aims to:

  • Give all our pupils a rich knowledge of the world in which they live; experiences to make sense of it; and the confidence to make judgements on what they see
  • Inspire young minds to keep learning, sharing a deep and meaningful foundation of knowledge that stimulates curiosity and inquisitiveness
  • Create future citizens who have the courage to engage with major global challenges such as the environment, community cohesion, and ethical decision-making
  • Equip pupils with the skills that will give them the confidence and resilience to shape their own path through life


The Ark Priory Curriculum is firmly rooted in Ark’s six pillars.

We set high expectations for all our pupils, and we do whatever it takes to meet them. Our aspirations are no lower for our most vulnerable pupils. We strive for excellent teaching, because a teacher affects a pupil's achievement more than any other factor.

To nurture a love of reading and develop fluent communication skills, we also dedicate more time to oracy, literacy and English. When children build firm foundations in English and maths, they find it easier to do well in other subjects too. That's why we prioritise depth in these subjects, giving our pupils the best chance of success. Every hour of every day is devoted to children learning, with no wasted time.

We have designed our curriculum around the rigour and challenge of the Ark Base Curriculum and a number of other programs of study with the addition of rich experiences, and local knowledge. By the time our children leave us, aged 11, they will have a deep understanding of their local community and how it connects them to London, the UK and the world beyond. They will understand what it feels like to try something new, and actively seek new opportunities, and they will take their love of success with them, as they move on to secondary and further education.

We have a set of school values which are explicitly taught to our pupils throughout their time in our school. They are ‘Explore, endeavour and excel’ with the ‘courage to fly’. The values permeate our school at all levels, they are understood and modelled by all staff and pupils. There is clarity around the expected behaviours linked to each value.

By the end of their time at Ark Priory, we expect all children to possess the characteristics highlighted in our an ‘Ark Priory child’ diagram (see below).


PDF iconArk Priory Primary Academy Curriculum Framework and Intent

PDF iconArk Priory Primary Academy Reading Spine 21-22

PDF iconArk Priory EYFS Curriculum Intent

PDF iconNursery Reception Curriculum Overview 2021-22.pdf

PDF iconPhonics Intent Statement


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