I am delighted to be Principal at Ark Priory Primary Academy. Our mission, to ensure that all children can attend university or pursue a career of their choice, is incredibly important and something that we keep at the forefront of our minds every day, through our academy values of ‘Explore, Endeavour and Excel’ – today we lay the foundations for tomorrow’s success.

I believe that all children can succeed with the right support, examples and encouragement and by instilling this belief into our pupils, their learning like ours, will never stop. Through sharing in these values, in my time at Ark Priory, I have been building on the existing achievements and developing the school so that all Ark Priory pupils succeed and achieve their full potential in all areas of the curriculum. As part of the Ark Priory Academy community, we all play a role in supporting our children to reach their full potential and beyond, to develop and grow to become well-rounded and conscientious citizens of the world that offer a positive contribution to society and always have the ‘courage to fly’.

This ambitious vision for Ark Priory pupils starts with being an active, engaged and committed community to the academy and to pledge to the high expectations that the academy sets for academic success, language, engagement, behaviour, dress and attendance, because these are the first layer of building blocks of your child’s future success. I know that the most important daily concern is that our children are happy at school, but I also know that it is the primary duty of a school to ensure that its scholars leave with the highest academic achievements possible so that the doors are opened into the next stage of their learning careers. Here at Ark Priory Primary Academy, our aim is to always get that balance right for our pupils.

I wish you a warm welcome to Ark Priory Primary Academy.

Daniela Karmios