If you wish to contact any member of staff please call 0203 1100 717 or email info@arkprioryprimary.org




Miss Jacqueline E. Steele                     Executive Headteacher
Miss Daniela Grasso Head of School
Mrs N Harper                            Deputy Headteacher
Mr J Inclusion Officer/Deputy Head
Mrs S Rabbani  Nursery Teacher
Miss S Charlton Reception Columbus Teacher/Early Years Lead
Miss S Bashirian Reception Shackleton Teacher
Miss E Cox Year One Class Teacher (Seacole)
Miss A Canavan Year One Class Teacher (Pankhurst)
Miss L Chisnall  Year Two Teacher (Armstrong)
Miss S Rana Year Two Teacher (Sharman)
Miss D Tremayne Year Three Teacher (Brunel)
Miss S Terry  Year Three Teacher (Archimedes)/STEM Lead 
Miss A Broodie Year One Class Teacher (Seacole)
Miss F Mason  Year Four Teacher (Curie)
Miss C Martin Year Four Teacher (Fleming)
Miss N Nowack Year Five Teacher (Mozart)
Miss A Broodie Year Five Teacher (Monet)
Miss A Carter  ILT Lead Teacher
Mr S Lawrence Site Manager
Mr D Narayan Premises Assistant
Miss L Tomkins Academy Chef
Miss K Markey Catering Assistant
Miss K Powell Catering Assistant
Miss Dunford  Office Coordinator
Miss J Campbell Receptionist/Admin Assistant
Miss A Keogh Finance and HR Officer