Welcome to all the parents and carers who are joining us this year. The following documents and FAQs are designed to try and make the process of joining our community as easy as possible. If you think we have missed anything please contact t.martlew@arkprioryprimary.org and we will amend this page accordingly. 

The document found at this link may be useful to all parents as it outlines not only the criteria that the children are expected to reach by the end of reception but also guidance on how best these aims can be supported.


Q. What does my child need to bring to school?
A. All stationary is provided, children need to bring a small (approx. 300ml) clear or plain academy coloured water bottle, their PE kit - which should remain at school during the week and their book bag.

Q. What is Tapestry?
A. Tapestry is the online portfolio system used by the academy to track the children's progress throughout the year. Their achievements are visible to parents/carers and can be augmented at home with additional detail. The system is secure and only the parents/carers and the staff can see individual children's portfolio.

Q. What uniform do the children need in September?
A. For reception the children need to be wearing the full winter uniform (jumpers are optional) please remember that is a stiff collared shirt, not the polo and blazers to be worn every day.

Q. What happens with lunches?
A. The children have all lunches provided and the food is served family style at the table. Reception eat their lunch alongside year 1 and will have 30 minutes inside and 30 minutes outside.

Q What time do I need to be at the Academy?
A. The gates open at 8.20 and the bell will ring at 8.30 sharp. Any children not through the gates by 8.35 will be asked to report late to the office. Repeated lateness will not be tolerated and will result in a sanction. In the afternoon the gates will open at 4.00 any children not collected by 4.15 will be recorded late and parents will be charged for an after school club. In line with borough guidance any children not collected, and with no contact from parents will be referred to Ealing Borough after an hour beyond collection. 

Q. What can I do to help my child in reception?
A. Read with them every night and ask appropriate questions about the text, encourage children to show interest in what the children are learning and above all talk to your children and try to broaden their vocabulary and experiences.