Have a brilliant summer!

Well done to pupils, staff and parents for making 2017-18 a brilliant year. We start back on Thursday 6th September 2018.

Reception and Nursery documents

The academy uses Tapestry https://tapestry.info/ to record and share childrens progress in real time. The system is secure and a childs profile is only accessible to their registered parents/carer. 

 All homelearning, beyond phonics, will be set via this medium. The key to a holistic and positive development for your child are...

1. Interaction - talk to, draw with and play with your child, read them stories, and where they can, let them read to you - show interest in what they are doing and saying.

2. Little and often - Academic support at home is great but try to do small but frequent support rather than create a pressured and negative environment.

3. Change context - Help children to embed their learning by changing the contxt of the learning - if a child has been workling on numbers 1-5 use the skills when you go shopping or at the dinner table without prompting the skills. 

4. Fun - have fun with your children - share experiences and show you to are an engaged and reflective learner. 

Tapestry Parents Guide

What to expect when DFE document link