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APPAA Committee

Members of the APPAA Committee 2017-2018


We are currently finalising the new Committee for 2018-19. If you would like to be involved  please do get in touch at 

Admin Team

Administration Lisa Kearney  

Jenny Griffiths

Laura Wilkins

Cristina Leung

Database Luciana Chamberlain
Newsletter Anna Harrisson
Wishing Tree Charlotte Newlands
Treasurer Fiona McQuillan

Class Representatives

Year 4, Curie Hannah Greenberg 


Year 4, Fleming Fiona McQuillan 


Year 3,  Archimedes Julia Koltai 


Year 3, Brunel Kathryn Campbell 

Sofia Franc

Year 2, Armstrong Kirsty Kinnear 

Laura Wilkins

Penny Lawrence

Year 2, Sharman Alice Carroll 

Nino Marsagishvili

Year 1, Seacole Rachael Metherell 

Anecia Roberts

Year 1, Pankhurst Zoe Harris 

Nathalie Barden

Nino Marsagishvili

Reception, Shackleton Vic Robinson 

Biddy Woollard

Sora Aboalrila

Reception, Columbus Nat Bonaventura 

Amanda Meyer

Nursery AM Charlotte Newlands 

Alexa Ball

Nursery PM Maram Alagta