Have a brilliant summer!

Well done to pupils, staff and parents for making 2017-18 a brilliant year. We start back on Thursday 6th September 2018.


I am delighted to be the Executive Headteacher of Ark Priory academy. As the founding headteacher of Ark Priory, I was extremely proud when we were graded ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted last Summer, a major achievement in just two years. This bears testament to the drive and commitment undertaken by all the staff from the outset to achieve the highest standards. At Ark Priory we are highly aspirational – we won‘t accept excuses, nor make any. Our academy poem and values, coupled with our emblem of a swift in flight, encapsulate our culture and ethos. As fledging learners, all pupils will develop the confidence and courage to always strive to do their best, to challenge themselves and to aim as high as possible to maximise their potential and to realise their dream... Courage will help our children to explore, endeavour and excel in everything they do. Our mission is to begin the foundations and preparation for university or an appropriate career of their choice. Our academic targets outstrip national expectations and our aim is to outperform national standards. English, Mathematics and Citizenship lie at the heart of everything we do. Pupils graduating from the academy will be prepared to be responsible, active and successful members of society in secondary school, university and beyond. I am pleased to be working with Mr Martlew , your Head of School, who helped me to set up Ark Priory and also shares my values and aspiration for the children. I look forward to welcoming you to Ark Priory and to working in partnership with you and your child.

Jacqueline E Steele
Executive Headteacher

Welcome to Ark Priory Primary Academy
I am immensely proud to have been part of the team that opened Ark Priory Primary Academy in 2013 and I know that everyone here at Ark Priory is determined to ensure the continuation of our success. Our mission to ensure that all children can attend university or pursue a career of their choice is incredibly important and something that we keep at the forefront of our minds every day, through our academy values – today we lay the foundations for tomorrow’s success.Staff, children and you, the parents, have a role in this, ensuring that your children meet their full potential and become fully engaged, responsible and thinking citizens. Our expectation is that everyone is focused on achieving the best possible outcome for your child – for them to excel in every aspect!That starts with everyone’s commitment to the academy, to being an active part of the academy community, to commit to the expectations the academy sets for engagement, behaviour, dress and attendance because these are the very building blocks of your child’s future success.

Toby Martlew
Head of School